About me

Hello :)

 I am Suzan Elzeyn, a designer who lives in Kuwait. I am studying Visual communication design at Kuwait University (currently in my fourth year; graduation year yay!). My passion is to create illustrations, design wonders, and animate stuff. I like to illustrate children's illustration vibe as it represents my inner soul and my way of seeing the world.

When I was a child, I used to paint and draw all day non-stop to create realistic art, meaning that I drew what was in front of me with the same proportions, colors, and forms. Surprisingly, after high school, I was afraid of entering any graphic design school because it required a lot of imagination and thinking, but the reality was that I did not try to draw anything from my imagination yet. After finishing my freshman year in visual communication design, I discovered so many hidden talents. I realized that all the past years before university were training for me; the more I draw from reality, the more I can draw from my imagination. It is not magic, it is all about studying life.

here is what I love to do


Drawing Children's Illustrations

Designing Clean Designs

Sketching with My Hand 

Narrating Stories


Playing with Cardboards

Building Stuff 

Creating Miniature Characters

Crocheting Bags

3D Modelling

Designing Characters

Creating Imaginative Cartoons

Adding Crispy textures

Baking Models!

2D Animating

Moving Static Characters

Creating An Illusion of Motion

Visually Explaining Information

Inspiring Children

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